Sustainability Standard Training

The Sustainability Standard scheme covers a comprehensive set of environmental and social best practices, with a focus on advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In addition to IPM, it addresses environmental protection, soil health, nutrient and irrigation management, air quality, waste and recycling, water and energy conservation, worker welfare and emergency management. This is applicable to farming operations and facilities. The objective of the program is to assess and communicate performance on sustainability metrics and inspire continuous improvement of sustainability practices. 


$595 Per person

*Discounts may apply for multiple registrations, see for details.

Session 1: Overview of the Standard and Sustainable Agriculture

Overview of the Standard

Audit process

Overview of sustainable agriculture

Key terms

Next steps

Session 2: Checklist Walkthroughs

Session 1 review

Organization-level checklist

Farm-level checklist

Facility-level checklist

Next steps